The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 2: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 2

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

by VexarDave 9/25/15


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So, with the seed of doubt firmly planted, I decide to check out some of the better produced videos on YouTube. Keep in mind, launching yourself down the rabbit hole of YouTube can be a dangerous thing. There are crazies, liars, and people that just want to be famous and will say anything , right or wrong, just to get attention. And when the ridiculous videos get lumped in with the serious videos it harms the entire argument. Over years of watching YouTube, I’ve developed several rules to save a lot of time.

VexarDave’s Rules of YouTube

1) A lot of people will re-upload other’s videos to get views on their page. Always seek out the original video/source. a) To give the creator of the original video the views for the work they put in, and b) to make sure the new poster didn’t edit anything to change the facts.

2) Never trust a video, outside of an entertainment or editorial video,  when it’s just one person sitting in their living room spouting off regurgitated information. This person most likely didn’t do any research and simply wants attention.

3) Pay attention to how much research and how many examples the video creator uses to back up their  claim. Statements without evidence are just opinions.

4) Watch out for click bait with false video titles. Read a few of the first comments to decide if the video is worth watching.

5) Ignore videos with the comments disabled. Disabled comments usually means they don’t believe in their video enough to allow a follow-up discussion.

None of this was done over night. It’s been years of sifting through garbage, redundant videos, and crazy videos about aliens, holograms, and energy weapons. To save you some time,  I’ve gathered the most compelling, in my opinion, videos that swayed my opinion.

Loose Change

“Loose Change” is the documentary that started it all. When almost everybody believed the official story, these guys stood alone against the criticism and threats. There is a Popular Mechanics video that supposedly debunks this one, but honestly, “Loose Change” makes more sense to me.

Pilots For Truth

Who better to tell you what the planes could and couldn’t do than the guys who actually flew them for a living.

 Architects & Engineers For Truth

Who better to tell you how the structures should have behaved than the guys who actually designed and built similar structures.

911 Pentagon Attack Behind the Smoke Curtain Barbara Honegger

While most videos focus on the World Trade Center, Barbara Honegger focuses entirely on the Pentagon. She shows photographic evidence that I had never seen before – ever.

9/11 – WHO DID IT and HOW : Rebekah Roth talks to Bill Ryan.

Rebekah Roth is a retired thirty year veteran flight attendant and international purser.  If anybody knows airline procedures, it’s her. I just came across this video recently and it pretty much was the final piece of the puzzle in my opinion.

There’s a few other videos that are pretty good, but these are the main ones that make the most sense to me. It’s a lot to take in. Like I said, it’s taken several years for me to grasp this concept and formulate my own opinion.

My opinion goes back to my original statement:
The events of September 11, 2001 were perpetrated by the U.S. Government, U.S Government agencies (FBI, CIA, FAA, etc), and the  higher ups in the U.S.Military along with the Israeli Mossad.

It’s up to you to form your own opinion.

So it comes down to:

Do you believe the U.S.Governments official story of the events of September 11, 2001?

If yes, enjoy your life and sleep well at night.

If no, where do you stand?

1) Something is not right with the official story, but I don’t believe the U.S.Government would do this or allow the events of September 11, 2001 to happen.

2) An outside group perpetrated the events of September 11, 2001 and The U.S.Government had knowledge and allowed them to transpire.

3) The U.S.Government perpetrated the events of September 11, 2001 either on their own or in conjunction with an outside group.

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