The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 1: We’re The Good Guys. Or Are We?

The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 1

We’re The Good Guys. Or Are We?

by VexarDave 9/23/15


STATEMENT: The events of September 11, 2001 were perpetrated by the U.S. Government, U.S Government agencies (FBI, CIA, FAA, etc), and the  higher ups in the U.S.Military along with the Israeli Mossad.

Trust me. I’m perfectly sane and logical enough to understand that’s a mighty big claim, and most people will think I’ve lost my mind. When I first read/heard similar statements I thought the people issuing them probably belonged in an insane asylum. Only paranoid conspiracy theorists off their meds in a dark basement make those statements.


I also understand that statement will anger some people as well. It’s a tough concept to handle. It’s taken me years to accept this. And none of this, in any way, is meant to disrespect  anybody or the family of anybody who died, was injured, or suffered through the events of 9/11 or the wars that followed.

I grew up in the 80’s during the Regan administration when every thing seemed cut and dry. At least to my young naive eyes. We, the good ol’ USA,  were the good guys, and those dirty commie Ruskies were the bad guys. We were G.I.Joe, Rocky Balboa, and WOLVERINES! They were Borris and Natasha, always trying to catch Moose and Squirrel, and the Russian with the birthmark on his head.

No matter what, we’re America. We’re the good guys. No matter what. Sure, there’s Watergate.  The JFK, RFK, & MLK assassinations that most likely had government involvement. And there’s the Gulf of Tonkin, a false flag incident to get the US into the Viet Nam war.  But those were back in the 60’s before I was born. We’re not like that anymore. We’re the good guys. USA! USA! USA!

Or are we?

I, like many, remember exactly were I was and what I was doing the morning of September 11. 2001. I worked for an aviation company at the Millington regional jetport, formally Naval Air Station Memphis. I was sitting at my desk, probably not doing the paperwork I was supposed to be doing, when our secretary (I hate to call her a secretary when she was much more than that.) came over the radio telling us to turn on the TV, because a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

We didn’t really think much of it. What damage could an idiot in a small Cessna cause to the World Trade center? But when we turned on the TV, there certainly was more smoke, fire, and damage than could have been caused by a small plane. We kept watching until we all saw the large plane hit Tower 2. Holy… That’s no accident. Then we got word from the air traffic controllers that U.S. airspace was closed and all air traffic would be grounded to their nearest airports. Time to go to work.

We only had one small aircraft land with a pilot traveling to the east coast. This poor guy was trapped for three days in Millington, Tennessee of all places. After getting him settled, the airport and the Navy base were locked down, and we of course had nothing to do but watch the news the rest of the day. The Pentagon was hit, a plane crashed in Pennsylvania, Tower 1 fell, and Tower 2 fell. The media told us it was terrorists, 19 hijackers that were part of a group called Al Qaeda led by a man called Osama bin Laden.

Who? What?

It really didn’t matter. All that mattered was some dirty heathen fer’ners needed to pay!

“I hear ya! And soon the whole world is gonna hear ya!” President George W. Bush

Hell yeah! That’s MY president! Let’s go kick some ass and show them what America is all about! Let’s drop a couple of nukes and turn that whole Godforsaken desert into a parking lot! There was no doubt, because that’s what we were told happened. And why should it be anything else? We’re the good guys! USA! USA! USA!

Or are we?

So we go to Afghanistan in search of the cowards who dared strike against America. Then we decide to go to Iraq. Wait. Iraq? What does Iraq have to do with this? Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction? If you say so! GW’s word is good enough for me. Let’s go kick his ass too! He probably has Osama on speed dial anyway. There was no doubt, because that’s what we were told. And why should it be anything else? We’re the good guys! USA! USA! USA!

Or are we?

The majority, or so it seemed, of the country was united. And any of the naysayers were just sissy liberals, socialist traitors, or internet crazies. USA – Love it or leave it! We’re going to bring Al Qaeda to justice, we’re going to liberate the good people of Iraq, we’re going to find WMD’s any day now, and everything will be proven right. Why? Because we’re the good guys.

Or are we?

In the beginning, on every 9/11 anniversary, prime time television programming was dedicated to specials reminding us of the destruction yet focusing on the heroes or inspiring stories of 9/11 – The first responders, the firemen trapped in stairwell B, and of course the “Let’s Roll” guys of Flight 93. Mostly to remind us why our men and women were overseas fighting two wars.

But the years passed, and fewer specials aired, no WMD’s were found, Bin Laden hadn’t been captured, and more and more of our men and women in uniform were coming home in body bags or injured. And for what?

Yeah, we captured Saddam Hussein, but he had been in hiding since Day 1, and he wasn’t talking. Or did he? Saddam’s interrogator reported Saddam finally admitted he never had WMD’s and the only reason he let the world believe he did, was not in defiance of America, but to keep his neighbors from invading.

Oops! Our bad! Oh well. Saddam Hussein was still a mass murdering dictator and we helped free the Iraqi people from his tyrannical rule. They now had democracy and free elections. And that’s better than any other way they may want to live. Because we’re the good guys.

Or are we?

So was the Bush Administration wrong? Or did they lie? Sure people lie, and politicians are people, and we sure know they lie, but the whole administration? Nah! It was just bad intel. Or Saddam was lying, and he actually had WMD’s and moved them to Syria before the war started, and just said he never had them to make GW look bad. That had to be it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Because our government would never lie to the people just to go to war – Oh, wait. The government HAS lied to the people just to go to war. But that was a long time ago. This is a new era. There’s no need to lie to go to war. Who wants to go to war? War! What is it good for? Right? Oh, wait. War is big business. But war kills people. Is money more important than human lives? Money means power and, to some, power is EVERYTHING. But we’re the good guys. Right? Aren’t we?

Too late. The seed of doubt had been planted.  If the Government lied about WMD’s in Iraq, what else did they lie about? Surely those crazy kooks on the internet can’t be right. Surely the only thing lied about was Iraq having WMD’s. The Government implementing or even allowing the attacks on 9/11 is just too insane. Over 3000 people lost their lives that day. There’s no way the Government, the US Government, would do that to it’s people just to go to war! We’re the good guys! Yeah, our government lied to go to war in Iraq, but we’re still the good guys! We wouldn’t kill innocent civilians, OUR citizens, just to go to war! C’mon! If the Government wanted to invade Afghanistan there’s WAY more easier ways than destroying buildings, airplanes, and killing over 3000 people! Right? Right.

IF it was just about going to war.

Not when it’s about money. Not just money, but the global economy. And not when it’s about power. Not just power, but WORLD power.

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