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Darth Carl’s Top 5 DC Animated Features

darthblogheadDarth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club’s Top 5 DC Animated Features

VexarDave 1/06/15

I’ve never understood the whole “Marvel vs. DC” fued between fanboys. I think for comic book fans there’s enough greatness between both companies for everybody to enjoy. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has excelled beyond expectations and set new standards for movie making, it’s been hit and miss with the Warner Bros. DC Cinematic efforts. But, there is one thing DC does excel at – animated features.

Starting in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series and continuing until today, Warner Bros./DC animation has always been consistent with top notch animation, story lines, and voice casting. Granted, the majority of the DC animated features focus on Batman, which is understandable being he is their most popular character, their features focusing on their other characters are just as good.

Now, if Warner Bros. studios could make Live-action DC movies as good as their animated features, they’d give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for it’s money. Bellow is a list of my top 5 favorite DC animated features. The descriptions are brief as to not give away any spoilers.

These are NOT cartoons! They’re animated features!

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