Darth Carl Wants You!

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Darth Carl and Boba Fred
Darth Carl and Boba Fred

Darth Carl Wants You!

Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club is a weekly podcast from Vexar Entertainment dedicated to bringing you the latest in pop culture, Sci-Fi, comics, movies, & all things GEEK!

Host VexarDave full well admits he doesn’t know EVERYTHING, and welcomes YOU to correct, amend, enhance, or out right disagree with any subject he has commented on. You can do so in one of three places – Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club on  Facebook or Twitter, or on the Podcast Visuals with each podcast episode. Just remember… BE NICE!

Also feel free to suggest any related topic that’s not being discussed. VexarDave covers what he knows which is primarily Sci-Fi and Superhero TV and movies. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about other related topics, like gaming, RPG, Cosplay, or Horror, feel free to suggest! OR, if you have decent writing skills, you are more than welcome to become a contributing blogger to Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club! OR, if you have the desire, feel free to record and submit a short MP3 segment to insert into the larger podcast!

Because Everybody’s Got A Little Geek In’em!

ewanstarwarsDon’t be afraid to let your Geek Flag fly! Stand up for your rights as a Geek American and post photos of you wearing your favorite Sci-Fi or Superhero T-shirt to the Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club Facebook or Twitter page!

One thought on “Darth Carl Wants You!”

  1. I like the idea of Ozzel as rebel symp; it makes sense, and I think that theory is eexolrpd over on stardestroyer.net somewhere. I just read Allegiance, though, and in it Captain Ozzel (about 0.5 ABY) is incompetent, not an unsung hero. (Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a change of heart before ESB, though.)

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