Who Wants To Go To The Movies?


Marvel-vs-DC-Justice-League-Avengers-Team-UpWho Wants To Go To The Movies?

Studios have got plans to fulfill all your geek needs at least until 2020. Some of the later ones are dependent upon the success of the movies before it, but that is a LOT of geek heading our way. Do you think it’s an overkill or do you want even more?

July 14War For The Planet of The Apes (Fox)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

July 28
The Dark Tower

August 4Alien: Covenant (Fox)

August 4
Blazing Samurai

August 11
Baby Driver

August 18
The Hitman’s Bodyguard

September 8

September 15
The Solutrean

September 22
The Lego Ninjago Movie

September 29

October 6Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Fox)

October 6Blade Runner 2049

October 13
Friday the 13th
The Snowman

October 20
Insidious: Chapter 4

October 27
Saw: Legacy

November 3  – Thor: Ragnarok (Disney/Marvel)

November 10
The Star
Red Sparrow

November 23 – Justice League (Warner Bros/DC)

November 22
Let it Snow
Murder on the Orient Express

November 24
Darkest Hour

December 15Star Wars: Episode VIII (Disney/Lucasfilm)

December 22The Six Billion Dollar Man (Paramount)

December 22
Pitch Perfect 3
The Story of Ferdinand

December 25
The Greatest Showman on Earth


January 12 – TBA (Fox/Marvel) *probably Deadpool 2*

February 16 – Black Panther (Disney/Marvel)

February 23 – Pacific Rim: Maelstrom (Warner Bros)

March 2 – The Predator (Fox)

March 23 – The Flash (Warner Bros/DC)

May 4 – Avengers: Infinity War (Disney/Marvel)

May 25 – Star Wars: Solo (Disney/Lucasfilm)

June 8 – Transformers 6 (Paramount)

July 6 – Ant-Man & the Wasp (Disney/Marvel)

July 13 – X-Men (Fox/Marvel) *may be New Mutants*

July 27 – TBA (Warner Bros/DC)

October 5 – Aquaman (Warner Bros/DC)


March 8 – Captain Marvel (Disney/Marvel)

April 15 – Shazam (Warner Bros/DC)

May 3 – Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 (Disney/Marvel)

June 14 – Justice League 2 (Warner Bros/DC)

June 21 – The Incredibles 2 (Disney/Pixar)

June 28 – Transformers 7 (Paramount)

July 5 – Spider-Man 2 (Sony/Disney/Marvel)

July 19 – Indiana Jones 5 (Disney/Lucasfilm)

November 1 – TBA (Warner Bros/DC)

December – Star Wars: Episode IX (Disney/Lucasfilm)


April 3 – Cyborg (Warner Bros/DC)

May 1 – TBA (Disney/Marvel)

June 19 – Green Lantern Corps(Warner Bros/DC)

July 10 – TBA (Disney/Marvel)

November 6 – TBA (Disney/Marvel)

December – Star Wars: Boba Fett (Disney/Lucasfilm)


Transformers 8 (Paramount)

G.I.Joe 3 (Paramount)

Micronauts (Paramount)

Visonaries (Paramount)

M.A.S.K. (Paramount)

Rom (Paramount)

Man of Steel 2 (Warner Bros/DC)

The Batman (Warner Bros/DC)

Batgirl (Warner Bros/DC)

Justice League 2 (Warner Bros/DC)

Justice League Dark (Warner Bros/DC)

Deadpool 2 (Fox/Marvel)

X-Force (Fox/Marvel)

New Mutants (Fox/Marvel)

Sandman (Warner Bros/Vertigo)

Suicide Squad 2 (Warner Bros/DC)

Gotham City Sirens (Warner Bros/DC)

Deadshot (Warner Bros/DC)

Wonder Woman II (Warner Bros/DC)

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