4 Ways To Enhance “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (spoilers)

4 Ways To Enhance “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (spoilers)

VexarDave – 12/22/15

starwarshorizontalBefore I begin, let me just start by saying I am in no way a story writer or a screen writer, and this is in no way about hating on “The Force Awakens”. In fact, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since 1977, and I enjoyed “The Force Awakens”. There were just a few areas I either didn’t understand or felt like a little extra could have added more weight to the scene. Continue reading

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – R2-D2 Explained? (Spoilers)

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” – R2-D2 Explained? (Spoilers)

VexarDave – 12/21/15

R2-D2 in low power mode in “The Force Awakens”

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when our heroes arrive at the Resistance base on D’qar, we learn that R2-D2 has been in low power mode ever since Luke Skywalker disappeared.

While watching the movie, I thought, R2 is a droid, a robot. I understand in the Star Wars Universe droids have feelings and can make their own decisions. Most droids get their memory wiped with each new owner to make them more compliant, but R2 is exception, because as far as we know, he hasn’t had a memory wipe since being introduced in “The Phantom Menace”. At the end of the day, R2 should still follow human command and “wake up” if required to do so. But, at the end of the movie, R2 suddenly wakes up with no explanation. Continue reading

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Review (with spoilers)

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Review (with spoilers)

VexarDave – 12/18/15


Before we get into the details, despite any criticisms, I really liked “The Force Awakens”. It’s Star Wars, and even bad Star Wars (I’m looking at you “Attack of The Clones”.) is always entertaining. I liken “The Force Awakens” to going home for Christmas dinner. You look forward to it. You see some of the same people you haven’t seen since the last time. You find out what they’ve been up to. You may meet new family members and get to know them. You have the same foods and play the same games. And even though you’ve done it all before, it’s a little different than last time and you still enjoy it.
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The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 2: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 2

Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

by VexarDave 9/25/15


PREVIOUS: The Tin Foil Hat Diaries Entry 1: “We’re The Good Guys. Or Are We?”

So, with the seed of doubt firmly planted, I decide to check out some of the better produced videos on YouTube. Keep in mind, launching yourself down the rabbit hole of YouTube can be a dangerous thing. There are crazies, liars, and people that just want to be famous and will say anything , right or wrong, just to get attention. And when the ridiculous videos get lumped in with the serious videos it harms the entire argument. Over years of watching YouTube, I’ve developed several rules to save a lot of time.

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Darth Carl’s Top 5 DC Animated Features

darthblogheadDarth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club’s Top 5 DC Animated Features

VexarDave 1/06/15

I’ve never understood the whole “Marvel vs. DC” fued between fanboys. I think for comic book fans there’s enough greatness between both companies for everybody to enjoy. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has excelled beyond expectations and set new standards for movie making, it’s been hit and miss with the Warner Bros. DC Cinematic efforts. But, there is one thing DC does excel at – animated features.

Starting in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series and continuing until today, Warner Bros./DC animation has always been consistent with top notch animation, story lines, and voice casting. Granted, the majority of the DC animated features focus on Batman, which is understandable being he is their most popular character, their features focusing on their other characters are just as good.

Now, if Warner Bros. studios could make Live-action DC movies as good as their animated features, they’d give the Marvel Cinematic Universe a run for it’s money. Bellow is a list of my top 5 favorite DC animated features. The descriptions are brief as to not give away any spoilers.

These are NOT cartoons! They’re animated features!

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Darth Carl’s Top 10 Geek Moments Of 2014

darthblogheadDarth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club Top 10 Geek Moments Of 2014

VexarDave 1/01/15

There were a lot of great geek moments in 2014, but, with a few exceptions, it was mainly an announcement year. There are big shake-ups in the comics, like a female Thor, and Falcon taking over the mantle of Captain America. There are great TV shows based on comic books, like Gotham, The Walking Dead, and even Arrow is watchable. There are a LOT of movies that have been announced to look forward to all the way to 2020. It’s enough to make this geek start taking better care of himself just to make sure he lives long enough to see all of this. But with all this geekness in 2014, I picked the 10 moments that excited me the most.

WARNING: Potential spoilers if you haven’t watched everything.

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Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club Episode 13 “Super Sized Issue”

darthblogheadVisuals referenced in Darth Carl’s Comic & Sci-Fi Club Episode 13 “Super Sized issue”

Listen to Darth Carl’s Ep.13 “Super Sized Issue” here!

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Lauren Bacall 9/16/24-8/12/14
Lauren Bacall 9/16/24-8/12/14

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